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Despite the high risk of notational and formatting disasters, some publishers cut corners by creating only one file that is transposable by software alone. We take the quality approach by publishing each key separately. Our publications are meticulously edited and proofed by professional musicians, not left to chance by computers.

In this example, this recitative-like section works better without a key signature, as in the original.

Sloppy formatting (like endless ledger lines) is inexcusable and will throw off even the most seasoned musician. Art Song Transpositions creates a score that is, above all, coherent.

Difficult-to-read scores aren’t just a product of centuries past. The brownish publication above is from 1983! The text is impossible to read and the overall effect is that of a handwritten manuscript.

There’s absolutely no reason to question what’s in the score. Join us as we bring vocal literature into the 21st century.

Gone are the days of embarrassingly unplayable realizations and reductions. We craft our editions to be authoritative and playable, taking into account the numerous times pianists are asked to play with little or no rehearsal during auditions, masterclasses, and lessons.


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