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All materials contained herein are intended for the personal use of the registered customers of Art Song Transpositions. PDF files allow for saving to disk and printing; copying is not permitted. The material may not be included in, or bundled with, any product in the print or electronic medium without specific written permission. Additionally, no distribution through any means is permitted without prior written permission by the author. Art Song Transpositions retains the copyright and ownership of all material found on this site and reserves the right to restrict its use and distribution at any time. The web address should be given when the material is used at public venues. Links to the site are permitted without consultation.


Music whose copyrights are held and protected by the authors, their heirs, editors, publishers, associations, and institutions is linked to and sold off-site through our copyright store. On-site, Art Song Transpositions only distributes music and texts taken from the public domain. The copyright for all public domain publications is held by Art Song Transpositions. Copyright laws vary throughout the world; please abide by local laws when using this material.

Use of Art Song Transpositions

Access to Art Song Transpositions is granted to authorized users through a “User ID.” For the individual user and private studio subscriber, this is their unique email address and password combination. For the institutional customer, this is their proxy server login credentials or specific IP location. All authorized users of Art Song Transpositions are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login credentials. Disclosure of the User ID to an unauthorized person is grounds for account suspension. The authorized user is solely responsible for any and all financial losses we may suffer as a result of the failure to maintain the confidentiality of their User ID.

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