What are the benefits of subscribing?

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When will you publish my suggestion?

Subscribers will receive new transpositions within 6-10 days of request (based on a 4-page average). The publication window may change depending on the density or length of the original source and the amount of requests in our queue. We’ll notify you when your transposition is ready for download.

If you’re not a subscriber, feel free to suggest new transpositions here. While we appreciate all suggestions, we can’t guarantee when or if they’ll be published.

What kind of sheet music do you publish?

We publish art songs, opera arias, choral arias, and musical theatre selections in any key. Browse our publications here. Download a sample:

L’heure exquise in 8 keys

What key is my song in?

Suggest your new transposition here and in the “Key” dropdown menu, choose “I’m not sure, ask me.” We’ll help you find the right key or interval of transposition.

Can I ask for a song in the original key?

Yes, feel free to suggest any key here, even if it’s simply to modernize an older edition that’s difficult to read.

Can I get my song in C-sharp major instead of D-flat major?

Enharmonic key choices are dictated by the outcome that results in the most readable score (often, the key that presents the least amount of double accidentals). This is true for G-flat major/F-sharp major, D-flat major/C-sharp major, and A-flat minor/G-sharp minor. In rare cases, D-sharp minor is preferred over E-flat minor and, in extraordinarily rare circumstances, C-flat major is used instead of B major.

Can I use your editions for NATS?

Any publication downloaded from ArtSongTranspositions.com will show a watermark including your name, date of purchase, purchase order, and our website name. If you have further questions, please consult NATS’ latest competition guidelines, or contact us.

How do you decide what you'll publish?

Based upon subscribers’ requests, we publish songs and arias from the classical/musical theatre canon. We also take suggestions from non-subscribers. In order to comply with copyright law, we must publish only those titles which are either in the public domain or included in our agreements with various copyright holders. We must be able to publish from at least one primary source. We cannot publish from only non-primary sources (such as those under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0). We prefer not to work from manuscripts, but if they are legible, and we can corroborate the text from a reliable source, we’ll make every effort to work with you. If for any reason we’re unable to accommodate your suggestion, we’ll let you know immediately.